Find Snow Retail Outlet - Snowboards Sale

snow flakeForce Industries have been a mainsaty of the Snow equipment scene for many years. They are distributors of a lot of the snow brands you might commonly see. Find is their own label and they have an online and retail outlet store presence in Dandenong. We popped out there to meet up with one of the founders, Tim.

Find Shop

The Find Shop is situated in an industrial area at the back of Dandenong. The shop was easy to get to, coming down from Melbourne off the Freeway. Find stock a lot of options of snowboards. There were racks of boards. We found some brands that may not have an agent in Australia as well as their own Find brand. There is also snowboard bindings and boots and snow accessories. In the ski equipment there are some skis and boots. Their online store has many options of snow jackets, snow pants, gloves and hats.

What was obvious was some of the great prices on some of the snowboards. New Boards under $200 is a banga for any students or the like looking to get some good looking gear to head to the Snow resorts. And the staff, like Tim were awesome to deal with, even in busy periods.

Find Sales

  • particularly snowboards and boots and bindings.

Find Snow Equipment Servicing and Tuning

Find offer servicing and tuning. At this stage we have not any experience with that service.